Frontwise Facades  has been working on various projects since establishing early 2019.

Below a selection of these projects is shown.

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Research Diagnostic Centre Amsterdam UMC

Atelier Pro

At the request of Amsterdam University Medical Centre (UMC) Frontwise Facades carried out a review of the facade design and the facade cost calculations for the project Research and Diagnostics Centre. As a result of the review Frontwise Facades proposed to change the façade system for the main facades, resulting in significant cost savings.

Following the cost review, Frontwise Facades was employed by Amsterdam UMC as facade engineer for the project and was asked to further develop the design for the main facades together with Atelier Pro. Frontwise Facades assisted the architect in drawing details, carrying out structural and thermal calculations, providing input for the specifications and in solving other facade related issues. 

The project is currently under construction.

Please also see Atelier Pro's page for more information about this project. 

Design and copyright images: Atelier Pro

HUIS van Roosendaal

Hans van Heeswijk architecten

The Municipality of Roosendaal is currently transforming their offices into the new Town Hall  ‘HUIS van Roosendaal’. The ambition of the municipality is to develop a sustainable building according to the principles of the Circular Economy.

After carrying out a technical facades review of the different façade types we compared the environmental impact of the different facades systems. This was done in cooperation with RePurpose and NIBE. The projects architect is Hans van Heeswijk Architecten.

Design and copyright image: Hans van Heeswijk architecten

'Exploratory research into the circular potential of the facades industry'


In cooperation with Alba Concepts, Copper8, Excess Materials Exchange, W/E adviseurs and Houthoff we will be looking into the circular potential of the facades industry.

The research will start with an analysis of the current status with regards to circularity and environmental impact of the facades industry. Following this analysis a feasibility study will be carried out where amongst others a financial, legal and technical analysis will be carried out. Additionally, an overview of the potential impact of different service levels within a circular facades industry will be developed. This project started in Q1 2020.

Innovative Facade

Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf)

The Central Government Real Estate Agency (CGREA) has asked Frontwise Facades and Transformeer.com to help in the development of the tender of the transformation of the façade of an office building near The Hague. CGREA has indicated that the façade can be used as a testing environment for façade systems which could potentially be used in other projects of CGREA. Frontwise and Transformeer.com have assisted in identifying the ambition and focus themes for the project. Following this exercise, we searched for and analysed state of the art innovative façade product and material innovations which fit within the selected themes biodiversity, circularity, energy efficiency and climate adaptation.  With these innovations in mind, different design and process scenario’s have been developed for the façade. These scenarios are currently being analysed. In the phases to come the façade strategy will be set out, which will form the basis of the tender.

Waldeck Pyrmontkade, Den Haag


RE:BORN is a real estate development and investment company driven by the principles of the circular economy and future orientated technologies.

For the residential development on the Waldeck Pyrmontkade in The Hague we assisted RE:BORN in the façade system selection process in the early stages of the design.

The project is currently under construction.

Picture credits: RE:BORN

Increasing the Circular Potential of High Rise Facades

City of Amsterdam

As the city of Amsterdam has a land allocation system the city is able to encourage the construction industry to develop buildings in line with her ambition to become a 100% circular city in 2050. More and more high-rise projects are being built in Amsterdam, which increases the complexity and (financial and safety) risk of construction projects.

We are currently assisting the city of Amsterdam to optimise tender documentation and improve local legislation to increase the circular potential  of new-built facades and work towards the sustainability targets of the City of Amsterdam. This should enable planners to communicate detailed targets on subjects such as circularity, safety and energy efficiency.

The project is part of the Circular Economy program of the City of Amsterdam.

Tender Support

Architects and Real Estate Developers

We have been working with several design teams during the tender phase assisting in the development of innovative and sustainable facade solutions. With increasingly stringent technical performance requirements early stage decisions with regards to MEP strategies and the building shape can significantly impact the visual appearance of the façade. 

Innovative façade design can therefore be instrumental in order to achieve both the technical requirements as well as the architectural aspirations.

Our activities during tender support vary from taking part in workshops to provide facade design option studies in close collaboration with the architect.

When assisting during a tender stage we often take part in design workshops and provide façade design option studies in close collaboration with the architect.