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Architects & Design teams

We join the design team as façade engineers, helping architects in developing façade solutions for large and/or complex buildings. We do this by developing façade details, carrying out thermal and structural calculations, doing material studies, writing specifications, coordinating various façade issues, etc.


We do this from an independent point of view and we always seek the best possible solution for the project considering the architect’s and developer’s ambitions and the project’s budget, without having a preference for a particular system or material. We believe that the best way to design a facade properly is by an integral approach where building physics, structures, fire safety, installation methods, material properties, etc., are considered during all design stages.

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Real Estate Developers

We assist developers in all design and construction stages (concept to completion) on all facade related matters with a holistic approach of the technical and non technical challenges (building physics, material properties,  installation methods, acces and maintenance etc) . For more information on this approach please see our work.

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Municipalities and Governmental organisations

We help Governmental Organisations  in understanding the practical implications of the ambitions set to develop a circular economy.  Subsequently we help to turn these ambitions into practical solutions based on what is available and possible with current technologies, construction methods , innovative materials and processes.

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Housing Corporations

With our holistic approach to facade design we assist housing corporations with the transformation into and creation of facade solutions to achieve sustainability targets and increase the circular potential of facades.   

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We help main contractors to develop tender proposals where we search for innovative integral facade solutions to achieve technical, visual and sustainability targets. During the construction stage we help contractors (and suppliers) to maintain the required quality of the proposed facade solutions.



High ambitions ask for highly innovative products. The quality of the facade that can be achieved depends on the products available in the market. Therefore we also help suppliers to create circular and sustainable products by product, process and material optimisation. 

We help suppliers developing products which provide an answer to the circulair and sustainable challenges in construction projects.

We assess  production and design processes, we assess materials, we carry out the product development including engineering. We help suppliers finding the right certifications where needed. Thanks to our combined experience of more than 20 years in design teams and on building sites we know the requirements, targets and the clients. Thanks to our experience working for suppliers we know the struggles of suppliers. We intend to find the most effective way to make your products ready for the future.

For Architects and designers
Governmental organisatons
Real estate developers
Housing corporations


​To create integrated, technically high-qualitycircular and sustainable facade solutions we believe it is key to work with all stakeholders in the facades industry from material suppliers and design teams to builders and end users.

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